Zgg Beauty is a professional manufacturer of electric beauty products, wholesale hair removal device, hair removal machines, and wig designs.

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Core Products

Zgg Beauty is a mature electric beauty products suppliers in China, specializing in wholesale hair removal device, hair curler, wig and more.

The factory was established in 2020, covering an area of approximately 3000 square meters, with 4 automated production lines and 37 main production equipment.
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OEM/ODM  Services

The main products of Zgg Beauty electric beauty products supplier contain hair removal instruments, curling sticks, hair straighteners, wigs, false eyelashes, and other personal care household appliances, providing OEM/ODM customized services, and constantly making breakthroughs and innovations. 

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Why choose us

Zgg Beauty creates every personal care home electric beauty products according to high-quality requirements. Over 120 employees – a large number of which are highly qualified R&D and production teams.

With manufacturing years of experience, we are able to respond to acute market trend by.
Our products remain at the top sellers list for years, dominating primary markets.
One of our most focused businesses is to offer customers the best OEM & ODM service.
We keep improving our aftermarket operations: our services include logistics.
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Our Story Company 
Zhenguoguo (Shenzhen) Technology Co., LTD is a professional one-stop manufacturer of personal care household beauty appliances in Shenzhen, China.

The factory was established in 2020, covering an area of approximately 3000 square meters, with 4 automated production lines and 37 main production equipment. The company currently has 128 employees and a comprehensive research and development team, production team, sales team, and after-sales team, committed to providing customers with professional one-stop services.

Our main products include: hair removal devices, curling sticks, hair straighteners, electric shower brushes, personal care household appliances and beauty products such as wigs and false eyelashes. We provide OEM/ODM customized services, constantly breaking through and innovating. All of our products are strictly produced in accordance with the regulations of SGS, ROHS, FDA, CE, and FCC. We serve global buyers, distributors, EU, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other markets for sales and welcome procurement.

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The factory was established in 2020
Covering an area of approximately 3,000 square meters
Has 4 automated production lines
37 main production equipment
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Latest News
Here are the latest news about our company and industry. Read these posts to get more information about the products and the industry and thus get inspiration for your project.
Which groups of people are not suitable for freezing point hair removal?
If you want to perform freezing point hair removal, you need to determine if there are wounds or inflammation in the hair removal area. Freezing point hair removal is not suitable for situations with wounds and inflammation.
2023 08 21
Precautions for hair removal at freezing point
Before removing hair at freezing point, ensure that the skin is not stimulated or damaged. Do not expose the skin to direct sunlight before freezing point hair removal, as the skin exposed to direct sunlight before freezing point hair removal may have already burned the skin, causing redness and blistering, which is not conducive to treatment.
2023 08 21
What to do if a wig looks fake when worn?
Sometimes when wearing a wig, the head is bulging, and experienced people can tell at a glance that the hair is not real.
2023 08 21
How often should I wash my wig?
Generally speaking, it is better to clean it every two to four weeks in winter when wearing it every day, and it is more suitable to clean it every one to two weeks in summer because there is more sweating in summer.
2023 08 21
Precautions for using hair removal equipment
The day before using the hair removal device, it is necessary to scrape off the hair on the epidermis first.
2023 08 21
Tips for wearing wigs
Grasp the hairline of the wig with both hands, move it back and down from the forehead, and fix it with a hair clip after adjustment.
2023 08 21
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Zhenguoguo (Shenzhen) Technology Co., LTD is a manufacturer specializing in personal care household appliances. 
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