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Beauty Products Manufacturer 5 Gears - - Zgg Beauty 1
Beauty Products Manufacturer 5 Gears - - Zgg Beauty 2
Beauty Products Manufacturer 5 Gears - - Zgg Beauty 3
Beauty Products Manufacturer 5 Gears - - Zgg Beauty 4
Beauty Products Manufacturer 5 Gears - - Zgg Beauty 5
Beauty Products Manufacturer 5 Gears - - Zgg Beauty 1
Beauty Products Manufacturer 5 Gears - - Zgg Beauty 2
Beauty Products Manufacturer 5 Gears - - Zgg Beauty 3
Beauty Products Manufacturer 5 Gears - - Zgg Beauty 4
Beauty Products Manufacturer 5 Gears - - Zgg Beauty 5

Beauty Products Manufacturer 5 Gears - - Zgg Beauty

Model Number:
Product Color:
Champagne golden,White
Product Technology:
Intense pulsed light(IPL)
Luminous Area:
5 gears

Company Advantages

· To guarantee the luminous efficiency of Zgg Beauty beauty products manufacturer, its semiconductor materials have undergone rigorous screening and only those that meet international standards are selected.

· This product is the first choice of our customers, with long service life and practicality.

· The product is a perfect fit for most people. It improves wearing comfort and contributes significantly towards maintaining healthy feet.

Product Description

Model Number T09
Product Color champagne golden,White
Number Of Luminous Exposure 900,000 times shot flashes
Product Technology Intense pulsed light(IPL)
Luminous Area 3*4cm=12.0cm²;
Gears 5 gears
Pulse Wavelength 570mm-1100mm
Flash Mode Manual flash, automatic flash
Input Voltage 110V-240V
Output Voltage Of The Power Adapter DC12V~3A
Functions Inhibit hair growth, remove hair, light treatment and whitening skin
Applicable Parts Body, legs, armpits, private parts, hands, lips
Packing Details Box, hair remover, glasses, Shaver, adapter, manual

[Ice cooling IPL Hair Removal Device]

Painless depilation Smooth your skin

 [Ice off synchronization comfortable and silky]


smooth skin after 8 weeks

Natural exfoliation

Painless exfoliation

No black spots left


Is It Really Good To Have “Thick”Hair?

Dare not lift your arm
Dare not wear short skirts
Dare not wear a bikini

IPL pulsed light

Fil tered high-energy pulsed light is more easily absorbed by hair follicle melanin,the skin surface does not cause thermal damage

Pro5_xj6 (2)

Before hair removal VS after 4 weeks of hair removal

Suitable for underarm/leg/hand/bikini line in many places

Axillary depilation
Leg depilation
Arm depilation

Product Details

Freezing Point Depilation No Pain,No Skin In Jury
Hhe ice face with strong ice feeling can quickly cool the surrounding skin when removing
Convenient and hygienic at home
You don’t have to go to a beauty salon to take it off
Five gears / Four modes
Every inch of skin has its own energy coke, Match your own light wave energy for different skin parts

Precise Wool Cleaning / Two Light Output Modes

Small area manual mode&large area automatic mode; Switch each part

Automatic Mode
Applicable to:thigh,arm back area
Manual Mode
Applicable to:lips,armpits,face,bikini

Lightweight,Portable And Beautiful Gives You Silky And Smooth Skin

Travel outside and live a life you love live your personality


Four steps for your fairy muscle

Connect the power supply,turn on the machine,Press the key to pen the machine
Press the gear key to adjust light gear of skin
Wear the goggles equipped with the product,Avoid direct eye contact
Place the product vertically on the desired depilation Position,make thefuselage lamp cap and skin Full fit

Company Features

· Zhenguoguo (Shenzhen) Technology Co., LTD is a specialist manufacturer of beauty products manufacturer.

· The company has been recognized with the International Quality Management System. This system offers clients an assurance of the traceability and production quality of our beauty products manufacturer. We have a team of professional customer service employees. They have profound knowledge and expertise in products like beauty products manufacturer and quite engaged in listening to our customers and respond to their needs in terms of any product problems.

· Enterprise culture is the driving force for sustaining Zgg Beauty's development. Inquiry!

Product Details

With a focus on quality, Zhenguoguo pays great attention to the details of beauty products manufacturer.

Application of the Product

The beauty products manufacturer produced by Zhenguoguo is widely used in field for its excellent quality.

Zhenguoguo is able to meet customers' needs to the greatest extent by providing customers with one-stop and high-quality solutions.

Product Comparison

Zhenguoguo's beauty products manufacturer has more advantages over similar products in terms of technology and quality.

Enterprise Advantages

Our company has a high-quality management team, excellent R & D team, intimate service team, and also set up a professional distribution team. All this provides a good guarantee for our product development, sales services, transportation and distribution.

Our company is able to provide customers with high-quality products and professional services promptly, because we have established a relatively complete service system.

Zhenguoguo intends to be honest, efficient, cooperative and win-win in the business operation. We are committed to providing quality products and excellent services for the majority of customers.

Set up in Zhenguoguo becomes a leader in the industry through the development for years.

Zhenguoguo's Ipl hair remover,curling iron,wig gain a certain position in the international market. They are exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and other countries and regions.

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we welcome custom designs and ideas and is able to cater to the specific requirements. for more information, please visit the website or contact us directly with questions or inquiries.
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