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Wholesale Electric Body Cleansing Brush Zgg Beauty Brand 1
Wholesale Electric Body Cleansing Brush Zgg Beauty Brand 2
Wholesale Electric Body Cleansing Brush Zgg Beauty Brand 3
Wholesale Electric Body Cleansing Brush Zgg Beauty Brand 1
Wholesale Electric Body Cleansing Brush Zgg Beauty Brand 2
Wholesale Electric Body Cleansing Brush Zgg Beauty Brand 3

Wholesale Electric Body Cleansing Brush Zgg Beauty Brand

Model Number:
Product Color:
Bluish green/pink
Product Name:
Electric scrubbing brush
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Product Description

Model Number


Product Name

Electric scrubbing brush

Product Size


Box Size


Bare Weight


Box Weight


Product Color

Bluish green/pink

Power Supply

USB charging

Charging Time


working Time

About 90 minutes



Working Voltage


Main Engine Power


Battery Capacity


Packaging Accessories

host*1 broom head*3 USB cable*1 specification*1

Product Display

Electric Bath Brush Body Scrubber
Massage The Skin Gently And Comfortably
IPX 6 waterproof
Full body water resistance, take the device into the shower for a luxurious enjoyable clean.
Adjustable length for easy disassembly
Can be used to clean, wipe the back, and all over the body Comfortable and thoughtful design.

Moltifungti Onal Brush Heads

Bristle Brush
Bristle brush head for exfoliation, deep cleaning.
Massage Silicone
Hard silicone head for body back massage.
Pumice Stone
Great for reaching and deep cleaning the hard dry skin, especially the feet calluses.

1200mAh High Capacity

 Built-in Lithium-ion rechargeable battery,150 minutes long-lasting working time for

each single charge

Pro16-11 (2)

Product Display

a1 (3)
360° spinning brush head
Experience a deeper, cleaner, head-to-toe wash at home, while leave you the feeling that you've left the SPA.
a2 (3)
Two-Speed Settings
Choose between gentle cleaning or Deep Exfoliating for a tailored SPA-LIKE experience.
a3 (2)
USB-TYPE-C Rechargeable
Built-in rechargeable 1200mAh Lithium-ion battery for hours of useage on a single charge.
a4 (2)
Soap Reservoir Handle
Allow the body lotion being full filled into the handle directly for easier shower
a5 (2)
Tail Hanging Hole Design
Hanging storage saves space, easy and free to take with no efforts.

Operation Instr Uct

Step 1
Rotate through arrow direction.
Step 2
Refill the soap/ body lotion into the soap reservoir handle.
Step 3
Rotate the knob at the bottom of handle to push the soap out from the center of head.
Step 4
Bubbles coming out automatically for easier shower.

Company Advantages

· electric body cleansing brush has advantages of good quality material and special design.

· The product discloses a number of advantages, such as long-lasting stable performance, long service life, and so on.

· The product is characterized by practicality, comfort and art. It is very popular among modern people has has been exported to many countries.

Company Features

· After years of steady development, Zhenguoguo (Shenzhen) Technology Co., LTD has become the dominant entity in the electric body cleansing brush field.

· We have facilities that work smoothly. Running under the supervision of highly professional staff and stringent computer monitoring, they provide the highest level of product consistency.

· We perform social responsibility in our business operation. One of our primary focuses is the environment. We take steps to reduce carbon footprints, which is good for both the company and society.

Application of the Product

Zhenguoguo's electric body cleansing brush is of excellent quality and is widely used in the industry.

Zhenguoguo insists on providing customers with one-stop overall solution from the customer's point of view.

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