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What is the principle of freezing point hair removal?


Freezing point hair removal adopts a new pulse mode and repetition frequency, which can increase the hair removal speed to 3-5 times the previous one through technological advantages, making large-scale hair removal more simple. It is fully computer-controlled and easy to operate, making both the operator and the user feel very relaxed.

Through a specially designed dual pulse laser. Using only a lower energy density to irradiate the skin, the first laser pulse through the epidermis heats the skin tissue and hair follicles. The second pulse selectively increases the temperature of the hair follicle to around 45 degrees, and a sliding 10Hz laser ensures that the hair follicle is maintained at this temperature for a period of time. The hair follicle and growing stem cells lose their growth activity, thus achieving long-term hair removal.

The biggest difference in mechanism between freezing point hair removal and traditional laser hair removal is that traditional laser hair removal requires instantaneous high-energy burning of hair follicles, while freezing point hair removal gently causes hair follicles to automatically lose activity. Therefore, it can achieve long-term hair removal without excessively stimulating the skin to avoid pain or risk.

What is the principle of freezing point hair removal? 1

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